Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Madinah, Saudi Arabia

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Madinah Saudi Arabia

Medina is a city in the north of Mecca and the second holiest city of Islam. A city of peace and tranquility, where many historic and archaeological sites along with several Islamic historic battle sites are found here. Madinah is rich in culture, heritage and museums. Vast date plantations and ancient traditional markets (Souks) alongside modern shopping malls and arcades abound this city. Yanbu is home to some of the most beautiful beaches with sunlight caressing its coral reefs under the sea like a painting of unique and rarely seen landscape. It is a city of creativity that competes with other cities around the world. Madain Saleh is the UNESCO’s World Heritage pre-Islamic archaeological site located in Al Madina Province. It is also called as Al Hijir. When you enter the area, you will find yourself surrounded by interconnected mountains and separate rocky cliffs on a sprawling landscape. Madain Saleh was the capital and an important city of the Nabataeans after Petra in Jordan.
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Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz (MED)
Points of interest
  • Mount Uhud
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